About us

Our commitments

P&P LIFE AUTO LIMITED is a wholly owned Nigeria Company which was incorporated in tenth day of April, 2014 under the Federal Government of Nigeria Companies and Allied matters decree 1990. 


Over 15,000 happy customers says;

We are  very reliable, dependable and flexible. The company has performed excellently well in Real Estate, Auto sales and Construction works; earning goodwill in term of efficiency, responsibility, commitment and one-time completion of projects. We have established excellent relationship with our clients and insatiable quest for excellence qualities. From the foregoing we are confident that our work and expertise can stand up to any test. 


P&P LIFE AUTO LIMITED aims  to be a leading Nigeria Company in EPIC Projects, Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Supply of Building materials, Maintenance, Oil field Services, Pipeline Installation, Fabrication, Borehole Drilling, Oil and Gas Services, Import and Export Services, Auto sales, Lease and Maintenance Services to both Public and Private sectors enviable tract records.

In furtherance of our vision, we are committed to asserting our presence in our industry through employment of the best available techniques. 

We are committed to delivery our work within the agreed time, due cognizance given standards and quality of work done.

To advertise ourselves through our work

We are committed to empowerment and motivation of our human capital, well committed to the ethics of the professionalism.


Our vision is to deliver a highly competitive engineering practice with our  esteemed client’s. We aspire to provide our clients services and result beyond their expectation, with the aim of improving quality and reducing cost.

Furthermore, the vision of the company is to ensure that management and staff of the company stay close to its key market and customer in order to properly understand the present and future needs of these customer by Delivery friendly services, consistency in training  and motivation.

Our Technical partners assist us in engineering innovation and best world technology and practices.


To carry out our duties efficiently, responsible and commitment



Our action and transactions are guided by these principle.

·               Integrity

·                Honesty

·                Obedience

·                Transparency

·                Discipline

·                Courage

·                Excellence Etc.